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During Summer 2017 I was a Fellow with the Political Unit at ABC News in Washington. I wrote breaking news reports with both speed and accuracy, and worked closely with the digital desk to monitor ongoing stories. In this role I authored more than 25 articles for ABC’s website, ranging from breaking news reporting on the congressional baseball shooting and resignations from the Trump administration to enterprise reporting on voters unregistering after the administration’s data requests.

In addition, I monitored potential candidates for the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential race, attended press conferences on behalf of the network, and performed background research for use on the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast and digital show “The Briefing Room.” I also assisted the Sunday show, This Week, logging and writing articles for ABC’s digital platform about interviews on the show.

What’s at stake in the battle for Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat

Today, Alabama Republicans will vote in a primary runoff for the Senate seat previously occupied by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. A first round of voting failed to yield a majority for a single candidate. Now, the top two candidates are competing for the GOP nomination in a race that has gained national prominence and become what some are calling a proxy war between the populist and establishment wings of the Republican Party.

What to know about presidential retreat Camp David

President Donald Trump is headed back to the rustic presidential retreat Camp David for the weekend, this time joined by his Cabinet members. They'll likely discuss preparations for Hurricane Irma and the growing threat from North Korea. Trump’s return to Camp David marks his fourth trip to the retreat, which has been the site of many historic discussions and private meetings between presidents and foreign dignitaries.

Some voters unregistering after Trump administration's data requests

Three thousand, three hundred and ninety-four Coloradans have withdrawn their voter registrations as of July 13, following the Trump administration’s request for voter data as part of the Commission on Election Integrity. An additional 182 citizens in the state have filed as confidential voters. Several other states have reported a similar uptick in citizens moving to keep their information out of the federal government’s hands.
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